Postnatal care

Exciting time for all parents, bringing an addition or additions home to your sanctuary, where you feel most comfortable. There will also be a lot of adjustments and change in routine. I can offer you extra support and guidance to assist you and your family in the early days. When you are discharged home from hospital, I can provide 3 to 4 postnatal visits until 6 weeks.

What happens during the visit?
  • Checking maternal wellbeing, debrief about your labour and birth
  • Baby’s wellbeing, growth and feeding
  • Attend vital observations on mother and baby
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Answer any questions or concerns
  • Reassure and further consult and referrals if required
  • Discuss any other needs or concerns

For further information you can email or contact me, I am more than happy to discuss my services and what would work for you.