Labour and Birth Preparation

Exclusive appointment face to face with myself for 60 to 90 minutes to assess and prepare you for labour and birth (including planned caesarean sections). Everyone’s pregnancy is different, no-one has the same experience during their birthing time. When you come to your birthing place to birth, whether it’s a home-birth, public hospital birth or private hospital birth, your birth management changes as you progress through labour.

Having worked in the birthing unit for over 10 years, I’ve seen many different labour and births from no interventions to all interventions and low to high risk pregnancies. Every pregnancy is different, even if you are having your 2nd, 3rd or more babies the experience and management may differ every time. Many women come in that are so unprepared and have so much fear and anxiety about labour and birth. I could not count how many times women come in and say they are just going to “wing it” through labour and birth…

Be prepared, knowledge makes all the difference

I aim to eliminate that fear and anxiety of your labour and birth and make it one of your best and memorable moments in life. It’s a time where you should feel empowered, and time back with positive thoughts.

What does this appointment involve?

It will be best to book any time from 30 weeks, you’ll be close enough to your birthing time and the information will still be fresh in your mind. I will spend up to 90 minutes with you, answer any questions or concerns about labour, birth and early postnatal period. This session will involve:

  • Full pregnancy assessment
  • Checking your antenatal blood results and ultrasounds
  • Antenatal visit check
  • Discuss labour and birth custom to your pregnancy
  • When to call the hospital/midwife
  • Discuss pain relief options: medical and non-medical
  • Discuss common routine on arrival to your birth setting
  • What to bring to hospital

It would be great to bring your partner or your support person to the visit so they are also aware of what to expect. Your support person will make all the difference when it come’s to you during labour and birth, also to help re-enforce positivity during this special time.

How do I make an appointment?

You will need a referral letter from your Doctor. You can download the referral form below. Referral forms are not needed if you are doing Midwifery shared care with Westmead Hospital or if you are Dr Thi Vo or Dr Shakil Ahmed’s patients.

Call or email to make an appointment.