Models of care

There are many different models of care out there for you to choose from. I can offer you antenatal care, labour and birth preparation and postnatal services. Depending on your pregnancy, some women may need more visits and monitoring and some may need fewer. Below is a rough guide of your pregnancy care plan.

Midwifery Shared Care

I am an accredited Midwife for Antenatal shared care at Westmead public hospital. This means that I can see women with a low risk pregnancy in the Westmead catchment area (check PDF below), you can ask to be referred to the Midwifery Shared Care program if you are considered eligible. Majority of your antenatal care would be performed by myself (Private Midwife). I am working in collaboration with the hospital to provide you with optimal care. If needed, I am able to refer you back to the hospital at anytime if any issues with your pregnancy arises.

Private Patient Care

During your pregnancy you can be seen be an Obstetrician of your choice. Your Obstetrician will be your primary carer. They will be there for your birth. I can provide you with labour and birth preparation session and a follow-up appointment closer to birth to discuss further questions. In the early weeks of your new journey into parenthood and bringing home an addition to your family, I can provide you with extra postnatal support with breastfeeding and monitor you and your baby’s wellbeing after you have been discharged from the hospital. I aim to reduce any fears and anxieties to adjusting to your new family life.

Private Midwifery care

You can choose to have one type of care, whether you choose to only have postnatal support or some antenatal visits. I can provide one on one with your support partner a 90 minute labour and birth preparation (including planned Caesarean section) session. I am happy and available in my private clinic rooms to see you. You can make an appointment and we can have a chat to see what can work for you and your family.

Pregnancy Care Plan

Midwifery Shared Care at

Westmead Public Hospital

6-10 weeksPrivate midwife to confirm your pregnancy
Referral for booking pathology and ultrasounds
10-15 weeksBook into Westmead Antenatal Clinic as a public patient
15 weeksAppointment with Private midwife
18-20 weeksMorphology scan
20 weeksHospital appointment, approval for Midwifery shared care
24-41 weeksRoutine appointments with Private Midwife
BirthAttended by midwives in Westmead birthing unit
1-6 weeks3-4 Postnatal visit by Private midwife after discharged from the hospital

Click on link below for more information on Shared care at Westmead Hospital.—services/Women-s-Health-Clinic/Shared-pregnancy-care