Antenatal Care

What will happen during an antenatal appointment?

These visits will vary from 2o to 90 minutes, depending on when the visit is and if more time is required. I am able to order routine antenatal blood/pathology tests and ultrasounds. If there are any concerns that arises in your pregnancy I will consult or refer you onto an Obstetric specialist. Appointments will be in one of the clinic rooms that’s convenient for you, you can check on the ‘Contact‘ page.

During your antenatal visit:
  • Maternal check and wellbeing
  • Fetal heart rate and growth
  • Discuss fetal movements
  • Discuss optimal maternal positions for pregnancy
  • Order and review routine antenatal pathology tests and ultrasounds
  • Keeping healthy and taking care of yourself and baby during pregnancy
  • When to call the hospital
  • Answer any of your concerns
How many antenatal appointments will I need?

Midwifery shared care on average will be 6-10 visits and the length of your appointments depends on what stage you are at in your pregnancy.

You can choose to have the labour and birth preparation session, this includes an antenatal check of you and baby’s wellbeing.

For further information, call or email me.