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Michelle Duong

We can work together to help meet your needs

Preconception care

Antenatal care

Labour and birthing preparation

Postnatal support

Breastfeeding support

Hi I’m Michelle, a Midwife in private practice who can provide you these services .


Bachelor of Midwifery

Graduate Certificate in Midwifery

Advanced Breastfeeding Course

Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) Ambassador

Certificate in Obstetric Ultrasounds

About me

I am a mother of three girls, including twins and have had more than 12 years experience as a midwife in the public sector. Majority of my work has been in the birthing unit, seeing women that range from low to high risk pregnancies from 20 weeks gestation. I am now an Endorsed Midwife who works in private practice and eligible for Medicare rebate. My aim is to guide women and their families through their antenatal and postnatal journey and prepare them for a positive birthing experience.

Providing positive maternity care experience and focus on women-centred care for you and your family. It’s important to meet the needs for you and your family as best as possible, as this is a special time for everyone involved. Also to include education and information into the visits throughout your pregnancy to help prepare you for labour, birth and postnatal period. Depending on whether you want go to a private obstetrician or stay as a public patient and do the Midwifery Shared Care Program, I can provide you with some services to assist you with adjusting to your life changing period of your life.

Services Available

Antenatal care up until birth

Labour and Birth Preparation

Postnatal care up to 6weeks

About Pregnancy Plus

Qualified midwife working in private practice to provide women and their families with evidenced-based care during their pregnancy and postnatally. Preparing women and their support people for labour and birth. Growing towards a positive change in maternity care.

Models of care

Midwifery Shared Care with Westmead Hospital

Private Midwifery services

Private Obstetrician and Private Midwife

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